Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Scarlet Monastery Dog Whistle

Even though I've been to Outland I have to admit I spend most of my time in the original game at the moment. There are so many quests, and so many places I haven't visited, it just seemed silly to run off and leave all of this behind.
I've been having a good time in Winterspring, which is one of my favorite places thus far, but a quest from Everlook sent me to that godforsaken place they call Eastern Plaguelands. Since I was there I decided to roam around and open up the map. Before long I had visited all four towers, captured one, and had opened up the entire region.

Note: That damn spider in Terrordale, the Nerubian Overseer, is a lot tougher than you would think. Unlike the sixty elites in Winterspring, this stupid bug showed no mercy and I didn't stand a chance. He plowed through the Treants, broke roots, and killed me rather quickly. He has an attack that sends a group of scarabs after you, but there is no defense, you can't kill them. To make it worse he has a web/root effect that silences you. So, if he gets close, like he did with me, you are a goner. I found out afterward he has nearly 18,000 hit points. This guy is much closer to an instance boss than about anything you will find in the wild. Kind of strange since apparently he has terrible drops. Needless to say I wasn't prepared on my first attempt. I shall return.

With the Eastern half open, I wandered into the Western Plaguelands. Before long I was standing at the entrance to Scarlet Monastery. I guess it's because it's out of the way, but I had never been here. I went in, stealthed to the main boss in the library, and took him down. Then I decided to work my way back out, clearing everything back to the entrance. I learned pretty quick I didn't need to stealth in. I almost had to walk up and hit these guys to get them to attack. There were some pretty entertaining fights and I turned the Treants loose a few times to watch them mop up. Oddly enough it was a pretty profitable trip. I'll be back to run some friends through soon.

Picked up this fun pet via the hunter boss drop. It's called via the dog whistle. The pet's only a 35, so he's not much use in the areas I usually hang out in, but he's as entertaining as the mechanical yeti and the Greench, so good luck on getting him to drop! I wish I could send him to one of my alts.


Forest Cat

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