Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fishing in WOW

Well, this is my "big" hint. With patch 2.4 I guess it's not that great anymore. I suppose I should have posted it earlier.

Anyway, here it is.

You can (could) make major gold fishing in the Bay of Storms. Standing at Scalebeard's cave I made enough gold to buy my epic mount, and I made it fishing. Yes, I cleared over 350 gold in three short fishing trips. About 99 percent of what you catch in the Bay of Storms has an AH value of 45s or more. Most of the fish you catch are worth a gold piece each time you cast.


Because to level up cooking to 300 you had to have darkclaw lobster and the Bay of Storms is the only place to get it. That's no longer true with patch 2.4 so who knows if this still holds, but it's still a great place to fish.
And Scalebeard cruises by on occasion and drops cool loot.

The downside? Fishing is really boring.

Call me Keilakat, fishing addict.


Forest Cat

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