Monday, March 24, 2008


Sunday was Noblegarden which is the WOW version of Easter. If you are sitting there wondering what I'm talking about, you're not alone, this is an easy holiday to miss.

There are no decorations or notices in the major cities, instead Noblegarden is limited to egg hunting in the starting zones.

In Teldrasil I found eggs near the trees in the area that you typically find the level 5-8 players questing.
Sometimes they put the eggs in areas that are pretty difficult for a level 7, not so tough for a 61.
Once you find an egg you loot it to find a prize inside.

The rewards are appropriate for the level, you get low level food items (chocolate and lollipops) with a +2 stamina buff. You also have a chance at finding a very rare Easter dress or a piece of the tuxedo set. The Easter dress is unique, but the tux is the same as you can craft.

I hunted long enough to round up about thirty eggs, finding the tuxedo pants but no dress. I tried the auction house since apparently the dress isn't soulbound, but no luck there.

The egg hunt was fun and a level 61 I certainly had no problem with the mobs, but I wish Blizzard would expand it a bit.

How about a chocolate rabbit that temporarily turns you into a giant bunny or maybe a bunny costume? Yeah that's silly, but no sillier than noggenfogger elixir.

Yes, this is Keila after drinking a batch of noggenfogger which turned her into a tiny skeleton. This picture gives you a nice view of the colorful eggs!

Forest Cat

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