Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kaylakat does PVP

I'm not much of a PVP player. Keila's PVP stats are pretty much limited to defending Auberdine. It seems like everytime I fly through that little town, Auberdine is under attack. Of course since the Horde are usually 70's Keila also dies a lot, but she has managed to take a few down :)

Since Kaylakat is a 19 hunter I thought I'd try Warsong Gulch. Kayla has benefited from a run through Wailing Caverns, thanks to big sister Keila, so she has some decent, if not great gear, so I was hopeful I wouldn't be a complete washout. I spent the entire time on defense so I never got near the opponents flag, but I put a hurtin' on a number of them that came near ours.

Turns out except for a couple of major twinks she more than held her own.
Though I enjoy the RPG aspects much more than the video game part, I think I'll keep Kayla at 19 for a while and see how far she can progress. As always, if you are on Bladefist and you wanna hang out drop me a line. Maybe we can run through Warsong Gulch.


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