Monday, March 3, 2008

Back to the Battlefield

I've run Warsong Gulch a lot more since that first time and I've made a few observations.

1) I'm still very aggressive, but I don't die nearly as much.

2) Some groups you find yourself in will never win.

3) Organized teams dominate in Warsong gulch. A basic offensive and defensive group works wonders. I've had a few battles come in under 15 minutes. Both were organized efforts. One of those was a team of eight players who entered the battle as a group.

4) Most people entering WG don't think strategy. If at the start of battle everyone takes off in a different direction, you are going to lose.

5) Rogues are deadly in WG. I get killed more by Rogues than any other class. When my rogue alt gets to 19 she's going to WG :)

6) Hunters make up half of all players in WOW. If you doubted that, you won't doubt it after a few rounds of WG. Cats are the number one pet followed by a wide mix of everything else. Boars do really well in WG.

7) Want to identify a twink? Look at the HP. The guys with the 2000 hp are your twinks. A fishing hat is a dead giveaway also.
I know why the level 10 and 11 players come to WG. They are curious and they want to see what it's like, but if you get more than one of those on your team it makes it tough, not impossible, but tough. That's my major complaint about battlegrounds. It is so heavily slanted toward twinks that it's almost pointless to enter WG unless you are a well geared 18 or 19. That seems pretty much opposite to the casual nature of WOW. I know Blizzard supposedly does something to balance the teams, but it doesn't do much for lower level players that want to try battlegrounds.

If you have never been annoyed by fear, you will hate it after you've run through WG a few times. There is nothing more annoying than running aimlessly out of control. Even being sheeped is much less aggravating.

I tend to play a 3/4 field game. I hang about between our flag and the entrance to their flag area. Hunters don't really make good flag carriers so that seems pointless. This puts me in a pseudo defensive position. It also puts me in a good spot when our flag carrier breaks free to escort them back to the base.

I almost wish I had spent more time with Keila in WG when she was a 19. It's a good way to test your abilities and even if you die a lot, and you will, the graveyard is only a few seconds from the action.

I still prefer PVE over PVP. Warsong Gulch is already getting stale after a couple of days, so after accumulating another couple of dozen honor marks I'm outta here.

One interesting note. A guy I played with last night announced he just went over 15,000 kills. I can't imagine playing a level 19 for that long. That's not a criticism, I think you ought to do what you enjoy, but personally I need a change of scenery after a while.

Here's a couple more of my battleground sessions. The first one was a great team effort, despite actually being shorthanded. The second one shows that kills don't equal wins.

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