Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Patch 2.4 - Enter the Twilight Zone

I went to Blackrock Spire last night to solo Mother Smolderweb. I've wanted to do this for a while and Burning Steppes/Searing Gorge is one of those locations I've never visited, so I was looking forward to the new scenery.

I entered Blackrock Spire, took down a few mobs, and stepped into the actual instance. Looking at the clock I realized I'd better logout and finish this another time, so I stepped back out of the instance and the game aborted sending me to my desktop.

I tried to log back in but it crashed on each and every attempt.

I tried my other characters and they worked just fine.

Only Keila is "lost" in the Twilight Zone.

I sent a request to the GM's and this was in my mailbox this morning.
I also noticed the main message on the WOW connect screen refers to the problem.

Oops, guess that beta test needed another week or two.

Well, I guess It's time to play the alts.

Note to self. NEVER play on the first day of a major patch.


Forest Cat

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