Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Velanna, where did you go?

[Epic Dolls] was an interesting experiment for me. It was an attempt to play on two realms and it was a large guild. Azeroth Knights is waaay tiny by comparison.

I also loved the podcast and what it was all about. In the beginning I loved the interaction between Hayley and Leala. It was so pure, and so fun. They talked about fashion, you don't hear that in the podcasts by men! They even held a Fashion Show! If you've never seen a WoW fashion show click the link.

But all good things came to an end. Haley left and the podcast became a touch more serious. It was still good, but it lost a little bit of what made it fun to begin with. Eventually I guess Leala became tired of it, because it faded away and is no longer produced.

I didn't expect the same to happen with the guild, but something did happen.

In the picture Kirsa looks at Velanna who was the victim of an Alliance attack at an [Epic Dolls] party.

Shortly after I put Kirsa on vacation there seemed to be a pretty big turnover in the guild. If you look at the leadership, and the roster, many of the prominent members are gone. I should note I was on the edge of the guild. I never got high enough to raid, and my quiet nature kept me on the fringes. But others that were prominent are now gone.

Hence the title of this post. Anyone that was an early member of the guild knew Velanna. He was fun, friendly, and to many of us, the heart of the guild. Needless to say it is dissapointing to see he is no longer a part of [Epic Dolls]. I have no idea what happened, though Amber told me there was a leadership shakeup, and apparently raiding caused some pain in this "casual" guild.

I suppose it happens, and people do move on, after all it is just a game.

But I guess I thought Vel would always be around.

Vel, wherever you are, I hope you're having fun.


Keila the Forest Cat

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