Sunday, December 27, 2009

Running from The Lich King

I finally got a chance to run Halls of Reflection last night. Actually, this wasn't my first attempt, I had it pop as a random a couple of days ago as a heroic and I wasn't ready for that. That was a pretty fast and humbling experience, but last night I queued up for regular mode just to see what it was all about and to learn the strategy.

There is a lot of grumbling about this instance, claiming it's too hard. My brief heroic experience will confirm that it is hard, and running it in normal mode you can see how challenging it can be, but it is also incredibly unique and fun. I love the storyline and how it plays out. At the moment it's probably one of my favorite dungeons. That may change after a bunch of heroic wipes, but for now all of my memories of Halls of Reflection are positive. I'll check back in once I complete heroic mode.


Keila the Forest Cat


Nevik said...

I still have yet to complete H HoR with any of my toons. It's not yet as infamous as Occulus, but generally if I get into a random daily that is H HoR, it never goes well.

It's just an incredibly difficult heroic to complete for pugs even if you use the corner-hide LoS tactic. I imagine halfway through January we'll see some retuning of the dungeon to be a little more forgiving.

Sophie said...

I love the place.
But I only love the place with my pocket tank, or at least one other guildie I know I can really, really trust to watch their own aggro - takes the pressure off a bit.
It's hard to heal, the hardest of all, and the different groups I run with do it different ways. Some use the central altar as line of sight, some tuck into the side pockets, some stay in the entrance.
But it's a good experience and it renews my faith in my ability as a healer.
Except when I wipe.