Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Party!

Bladefist Embassy had their Christmas party on the 18th. Since we are their sister guild, we were invited. It's the first WoW party I've been to since leaving [Epic Dolls] many moons ago. I missed the silliness of just hanging out with a bunch of people.

I didn't bring bunny ears. Someone put them on me ;)

We even used the remote control to take a trip to Blackrock to see the band. I hope this option remains in Cataclysm. I love the option of just popping in for a quick concert.

We had the party on that little island just off the coast of Ratchet. I think they should have had the party in a place with snow, but that's just me :)

Thanks to everyone in Bladefist Embassy for the invite and being so much help to me!

Hugs to you Diamondjaxx :)

Cya and Happy Holidays!

Keila the Forest Cat

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