Saturday, December 26, 2009

Perky Pug

For someone that never did any pickup groups, getting the PUG achievement is something I never imagined. But the new dungeon finder is very addictive, and I've found myself running more instances than ever before. Contrary to what you may read on the WoW forums it's not a horrible experience. The groups I have been in have been almost exclusively positive experiences. I've found the people very helpful and for the most part understanding.

We had a brand new healer in Forge of Souls last night. At first she said she couldn't do it, but everyone encouraged her and offered a lot of positive reinforcement along the way. In the end she did heal the entire thing and we didn't lose a single person. That's typically what I've experienced.

So here's my reward, the first true dog in Wow, the Perky Pug.

Gotta get back to queuing up for random dungeons ;)


Keila the Forest Cat

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