Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Okay, so Blood Elf Armor isn't all great

Way back when, I started a blood elf on Bladefist. She was a pally. I commented at the time how attractive the starting armor on a blood elf was compared to a night elf.

As you can see it doesn't stay that way. Kirsa has some decent stuff, for her level, but it has that tattered look of most of the armor you acquire in your teens.
Kirsa joined the Epic Dolls guild on Perenolde a week ago. Keila is in a very quiet and casual guild on Bladefist (Hi Star and Sal!), so being in a high profile guild linked to the podcast is a very new thing for me.

All of the gang has been very nice, so if I can overcome this dual server thing it should be a lot of fun.

If you haven't listened to the Epic Dolls podcast I highly recommend it. It's well produced, fun, and informative.


Forest Cat

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