Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Get the Party Started

If WOW has any one problem, it's that quests tend to get repetitive.

1) Kill 10 of these.
2) Deliver this to so and so.
3) Escort this person to this place.
4) Gather 15 of these items.

Listening to The Instance a while back I remember Randy saying that when Lich King came out if "the first quest is to go out and kill 10 boars, I'm quitting the game."

You get the picture.

There is an interesting quest in the blood elf starting area that is a little bit different and almost breaks the mold. In fact if Blizz would have exercised a little more creativity, it could have been really great.

In the quest The Party Never Ends, Lord Saltheril asks you to pick up supplies for a party. To do this you travel around Eversong Woods gathering food and drink items.

The fun part is when you turn the items in, you get an invitation to the party. This means you can not only go to the party, but you can partake in the festivities, including all you want to eat and drink. The party scene actually reminds of something straight out of The SIMS. It actually wouldn't have hurt if Blizzard would have borrowed some of that model to use in the quest, and in the game.

The problem is the items you can get aren't unique, and they really aren't even up to your level. Cheap alcohol and low-level food items aren't really much use.

If Blizz was smart they would take this idea and implement it somewhere else, but make the party goods worthwhile. To prevent hoarding and dumping at the auction house, make them bind on pickup.

After all, you can't have too many parties in WOW.


Forest Cat

P.S. That's another one of my alts in the picture. If I wasn't before, I am definitely an altaholic now. She's a priest in Hunter Haley's guild.

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