Saturday, January 2, 2010

I've changed to Human!

Okay, not really ;)

But after my last Culling of Stratholme I decided to roam around and I even took a picture of me in human form.

Not sure why I change to human when most others don't. Is this a Night Elf thing?

I do think it's kind of funny that my armor is correct, but my hair is purple. Huh? Humans can't have green hair?


Keila the Forest Cat


Sophie said...

we change to human because when the event was actually "supopsed to happen" night elves, although in existance, were not part of the alliance or known to humans at all.
This is why Draenei also change shape, but dorfs and gnomes and, of course, humans, stay as they are.

At least I think that's why it happens!

Love the blog, btw :)

Keilakat said...

Hey, thanks for the reply. Now I know :)