Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Terothias the Rabbit Rogue

I was standing in the Darnassus Auction house when this horde rogue came in to kill the auctioneers. Being a 70 rogue he took one down pretty quick before he started to run. I hit him with a couple of wraths as he fled and then he ran into the water.

I have a macro that switches to my water travel form so I jumped from the auction house, chased him down, and nuked him from behind. You can see his death in the combat log.
Guess what Terothias? It was a level 59 that chased you down :)

Note to Terothias: If you're going to raid a town, don't run like a scared rabbit. Stand up and fight. At least when you die you don't look like a coward. I know. I've died a bunch!


Forest Cat

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