Sunday, February 24, 2008


Moving up through the levels led me from Auberdine to Menethil Harbor and then to Stormwind. Of course Stormwind lead me to Sentinel Hill and then a short run led me to this place - Duskwood.

When you first discover Duskwood across the river from Westfall you are likely in the mid teens and are going to be killed pretty quickly by the mobs that roam the shore. That was the case with me anyway. Once I hit twenty I dodged the rabid wolves and giant spiders and made my way to the town of Darkshire. I love Halloween and haunted houses so I got a big kick out of this area*. It's dark and creepy, full of zombies, black widow spiders, and other scary stuff.

I recently ran through here on my way to the Dark Portal which reminded me of how much fun I had questing here.

This picture is from Kalber, another one of my friends, standing in the center of town.If you do come here to quest, make sure you pick up Bride of the Embalmer. It's probably the best quest in this area, but you are going to have to run a lot!

Lastly, I don't offer much in the way of hints here, after all I consider this more of a travelogue than a hint page, but here's a good one for you crafters.

The best place in Azeroth for spider silk is from the black widow spiders near Raven Hill Cemetery and shadowgems drop like crazy from the wolves in the area.


Forest Cat

* I love Duskwood, but I hate Eastern Plaguelands. I just think Duskwood is designed better. The Plaguelands area seems like it was created by committee.

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