Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Keilakat at 57

This is my most recent armor. It's a combination of Wildfeather, Wildheart and Ironfeather. Some of it has outlived it's usefulness (the pants) but I like the look and someone stopped me in Booty Bay two days ago just to say how nice looking the armor was. That's a first for me.

It has a similar look to that of the Flight Masters, which is a look I have always liked, so I'll probably bank the feathery stuff even when it is no longer battle friendly.

I'd like to collect the rest of the Wildheart set, so I'll probably do that even though by the time I finish collecting Wildheart it won't be that great either. Still, it's fun for the "look" and fun is why I play the game.

Forest Cat

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