Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Funniest Moment in WoW

I've mentioned before that I'm not a raider, that's pretty obvious from my achievements, but despite that my all time favorite moment in WoW is my only Karazhan run.

I'm in a really small guild, so we can't do any raiding by ourselves, but we have a "sister" guild that is much bigger.

This Kara run consisted of our entire guild, along with members of Bladefist Embassy to fill out the group.

Led by DJ, who had a lot of Kara experience, we were a pretty green raiding group. Despite that, we did pretty well, with only a few mistakes leading to a couple of wipes.

That all changed when we got to the Shade of Aran.

For some reason we just couldn't handle this boss. We wiped time and again without much progress to show for it.

Finally DJ said, "I know a glitch, here's how we can beat him."

In short, DJ told us about a way to start the event, while staying outside the door. This allowed you to periodically attack the boss, while protecting you from his attacks.

Yes, I know this is an exploit, but it was 3:00 AM at this point and we were tired and desperate.

So, we gave it a shot.

To date this is the funniest thing I have seen in game.

We stood outside the door attacking until it got to a point where the boss seemed to disappear. Feeling confident we opened the door.

Every spell he had cast during the entire fight came out the open door and almost completely obliterated our entire raid in one shot. Sal and I were left standing, but with almost no HP left. The rest of the group, dead.

Cries of WTF came from almost everyone. I laughed so hard tears were coming down my face.

Our great glitch turned into nothing more than a huge trap. To see that mass of spell energy burst from that room was pure awesome. It was the most beautiful n00b moment of all time. Leroy had nothing on us.

It was so awesome, we did it again.

And died again.

Finally the late hour won out, and we quit to return the next day.

Of course real life got in the way and we never returned, but the memory remains.

I saved a video of the entire thing and it always cheered me up when I watched it. Sadly, I never backed it up and lost that video last year in a hard drive crash.

To wrap this story up, I finally did get my revenge.

Last night I took my Bladefist Embassy pal back to Kara, and we destroyed the place, including my nemesis, the Shade of Aran. I got my revenge, but it just wasn't quite the same.

Maybe we should have stood outside the door …


Keila (The Forest Cat)

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