Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Now that's a Feast!

I love the tables the Blizzard folks set up for the thanksgiving feast. I enjoyed passing (and throwing) the food to other players. This was a pretty creative idea, and it worked well. It was also the easiest achievement. I had no problems at all going to Horde cities and sitting at their tables. Two of the cities I didn't even get flagged.

I'm just sorry that it doesn't appear that you can cook, and use, the food during other times of the year. I'd probably stock up on some of the ingredients if they wouldn't vanish within a week. It gets old making the same food items over and over.

Plus, I really love pumpkin pie!  Yum :)

The Onyxia pet is really nice too. I need to install a random pet mod, I have way toooo many pets now.


Keila the Forest Cat (and not really a good Thanksgiving cook)

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