Friday, November 27, 2009

Keila the Pilgrim

I finished all of the Pilgrim achievements today. The most difficult one for me was Turkey Lurkey. I got a bunch right at the beginning but couldn't find a Troll Rogue for anything.

There was one running around in Dalaran, but he was already transformed and he wouldn't switch back. After a while I went to Orgrimmar and that didn't help, so I stealthed into the troll starting area. That place was completely dead. I gave it about twenty minutes, but that was a complete waste of time. 

I thought about getting a guildy to help, but no one was online today.  I think everyone was shopping :)
When I was ready to give up, I ported back to Dalaran and there was a guy with 4 different rogues hanging out in the barber shop offering to help folks, so I finally completed the achievement and got my turkey pet!

Oh, after I got the achievement I went shopping too. Someone who might read this is getting a really great gift courtesy of a really nice druid ;)


Keila the Pilgrim

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Tiniane said...

Must be something about Troll rogues - that was the last thing for me too.

Grats on your achievement :)