Friday, October 24, 2008

Zombie Time

The plague has begun! Ever since corrupted blood happened you just knew Blizzard was going to introduce a "controlled" plague at some point.

Now it's here.
Infected Keila

Thus far it's been pretty mild. Because I love to "see it all" I've played around with both sides. I spent some time eliminating zombies and then I did my best to become a zombie and cause as much havoc as possible.

That was even more fun that I thought. I never imagined myself wanted to infect the auctioneers and bankers that I depend on, but there is something about this disease that makes you do crazy things :)

Yes, I killed the bankers In Darnassus last night, twice =)

I would've gotten the auctioneers too but I kept getting cleansed :)

Yes I know, bad Keila :P

At this point the zombies are weak and easy to deal with, but Blizzard is dropping very subtle hints that this is going to change.

I can't wait, I think a little "organized" chaos is just what we need!

Oh noes, brainzzz!!!!!!


Forest Cat

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