Monday, October 20, 2008

Welfare Epics? I don't think so.

I should state up front that I'm not a huge fan of PVP, but despite that I hold my own in the battlegrounds pretty well.

There are those that think you should only get gear through raids.

Personally I think the game is way too gear dependent, but how you get it, random drop, instance, crafted or with honor, I don't think it matters. After all it's a game, and it is supposed to be fun for the player. How they decide to progress should be up to them.

For those that whine about any of my gear, here's to you. I think I work pretty hard, regardless of how I acquire my "stuff".

Whether I win or lose, I always PLAY to win. It doesn't always happen, but I try anyway.

This was a 12 minute game:

Pretty long game:

These next two are a win and a loss. Even though the loss was a long battle for the bridge I had fun just battling it out. I like matches that are even as far as the teams. There is nothing worse than being way over matched.


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