Friday, August 1, 2008

OMG! Pets!

So far it's not the Death Knight or battlegrounds that I find the most intriguing about Lich King, it's the silly things.

I can't believe they solved the pet problem. I can have all my pets with me and they won't take any bag space! Yay!

I can also have all my mounts (In assorted colors) with me and they won't take any space! Double Yay!

These are the most recent additions to my collection:
The worg pup:
And the smolderweb spider:

Both pets are from the Kibler's Pets quests in Blackrock Spire.

Both of them get second looks from people especially the worg pup. "Where'd you get a dog?"

At first I didn't care for the spider, but after running around with him in Winterspring and watching him churn up the snow, I think he is one of my favorites.

Back to that Death Knight. Plaguelands? Yuck. Worst zone in the game. That alone has tempered my enthusiasm somewhat, but I do like the look of the Night Elf Death Knight and the fact that you are initially forced to go with green hair :)

The epic quest you get at the beginning is really nice, so I'll certainly give it a shot, but I'll be out of the Plaguelands first chance I get!


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