Friday, August 22, 2008

Going for the Gold. And Going, and going ...

I hate battlegrounds and PVP for the most part. That's not why I play the game, but when you throw in a holiday and a fun pet, I'm headed into Warsong Gulch.

I really wanted to get the pet for the three toons I am currently playing, Keila, Kirsa and Kimmy.

That sounded reasonable, and at first it was.Kimmy, my priest, entered Warsong Gulch for the first time. Since she's holy, and at the time was only a level 26, I just hooked her up with a level 29 Druid and the two of them set off to win!

Wow, it was awesomeness.

We plowed through the alliance. He chewed them up and Kimmy kept him alive. In a matter of minutes the battle was over.

Kimmy checked her mail and she had both the tabard and the gold medal.

One battleground. One gold.

I should have know that was the exception, not the rule.

As a level 51 I was worried about Kirsa. After all she is at the bottom of the rung for entering the battles. It was harder than what Kimmy had to do, but surprsingly it wasn't too bad. Not only did Kirsa hold her own, placing in the top 5 in damage and kills for each of her bg's, but she won the gold rather quickly. Five battlegrounds later Kimmy had the shiny dragon pet.

The number one rule I've learned in Wow: Battlegrounds suck playing an alliance character.

I tried all four battlegrounds with Keila.

It took NINETEEN tries before she got her first win.

It took THIRTY FIVE tries to get the gold medal and that was in Alterac Valley, the most mind-numbingly boring thing I have ever done in WoW.

Who's idea was a PvP battleground where you hardly ever see players from the other side? It's an incredibly boring race just so you can down some mediocre bosses.

Sadly, it's the only thing the Alliance ever wins.

The funny thing is I built up a lot of honor, and I'll probably go back to get the rest. Hey, I can ride a tiger from one "fight" to the next just like everyone else. That is if the boredom doesn't kill me.


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