Thursday, September 27, 2007

Soloing Deadmines

Getting to the point where you can solo Deadmines is a good thing. Even though the greens and blues you will collect are below your needs, they are probably good for your alt or even for disenchanting. I needed items to give to my enchanter, so instead of sharing with a group, I went alone.

As long as I paid attention and watched the pulls, soloing with my 36 Druid wasn't really that hard.

Boss number two:

Stopping to take a picture before moving on to the goblins:

This is what happens when you take pictures and ignore the patrols. They sneak up behind you. No worry, they really weren't much of a problem.

This place has annoying goblin engineers and their robots. Didn't save this guy though.


Forest Cat

Friday, September 14, 2007

Keilakat Magic

When lag kicks in you can get some interesting shots of your character casting spells. This is possible because lag usually freezes you in mid-cast.


Forest Cat


When I first saw this Night Watch outside of Darkshire, I wondered what it was for? I found out rather quickly.

Stitches is a big guy that resembles the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. He spawns after you complete Bride of the Embalmer and marches to Darkshire. He cuts the Night Watch up pretty easily.

He wasn't counting on help. With the assistance of a 32 Hunter, we melted down Mr. Stay Puft.

Too bad he didn't explode into a bunch of goo. That would have been interesting.

As with all of the Elite mobs in Darkshire, he drops nothing of value. Why is that?


Forest Cat

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weddings in Warcraft

Not only do they have weddings in Warcraft, in Booty Bay you can buy engagement rings.

They have no stats, so you pay a lot of money for nothing. I think I'd rather have a ring with stats.

Kinda like the mood ring though.


Forest Cat


Friends are what really make this game what it is. I was lucky enough to meet Treyu through my guild. She answered my plea for spider silk and she's been a huge help in many other ways.

Her armor looks great too. I love the purple. I think that's why I've been unable to get rid of my moonglow vest even though it's long since lost it's usefulness.


Forest Cat

Gryphons, the New Mount?

I was taking Apolo to Darkshire a couple of days ago and we took the Gryphons to Sentinel Hill.

Apolomyth was following me, and after we landed, he stayed on the gryphon. He followed me down the road while still on the bird!

I asked if this was a warlock talent? He said, "What talent? What bird?"

He couldn't see the bird!

So, I took a picture.

Here we are almost to Darkshire and Apolomyth is still on the bird. He rode it the entire way. It was very cool. Wish I knew which glitch caused that to happen. I'd try it sometime.


Forest Cat

More Sleeping

In keeping with the running joke of sleeping around the world.


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I've been hanging out in Stranglethorn because I'm broke, and this place is leather heaven.

Sadly, even though I can make cool things like Toughened Leather Gloves, someone on Bladefist keeps putting stacks of them on the Auction House and selling them for nothing. So the best I can do is give them away to friends.

Anyway, while in Stranglethorn I completed the tiger hunter quest which included battling Sin'Dall. He's not real easy at 33 and he took me down twice before I was successful.

Of course with my luck he dropped nothing but the quest item. Oh well.


Forest Cat

Darkmoon Flower

At the Darkmoon Faire you can earn tickets to turn in for prizes. The cost of tickets is pretty high and the quality of the prizes matches the junk you get at the fair.

Go figure.

Here's the Darkmoon Flower. AKA Darkmoon weed.

What this fair really needs is cool t-shirts.


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Friday, September 7, 2007

Darkmoon Faire - The Ladies Room

What would a fair be without porta potties?


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Darkmoon Faire - The Cannon

Here's Karrah at the big Darkmoon cannon. One of only two mini-games at the fair.

You launch yourself in the cannon and try to hit a target. No prizes for hitting the target, which seems dumb to me. Why not Darkmoon (bind on pickup) t-shirts?

Here's Karrah flying. When you launch from the cannon you get a pair of wings to use in your flight. They disappear shortly after landing.

Here's the target. I never hit it.


Forest Cat

Frost Tabard in Booty Bay

After a long run to Booty Bay, Karrah has the frost tabard.

They make you earn this thing. A long run through Horde territory for a level 20 character is a bit dicey.

Still, it's a very nice tabard, and it's also a Purple Epic item.

I already received one compliment, from someone in Goldshire.

There are only two epic tabards in WOW, the frost and fire tabards, both premiums from the TCG.


Forest Cat

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Warcraft Prizes from the TCG

I just picked up a Tabard of Frost for Karrah, my Frost Mage. You get it from codes found in the Warcraft trading card game. Reminds me of sending in box tops to get a prize from Captain Crunch.

Here's what the Tabard looks like:


Forest Cat

Darkmoon Faire Exotic Goods

One of the promises of Darkmoon Faire is that you can acquire items you can't normally find by taking down mobs and doing quests.

Is this true?

Not entirely.

Here is my mage Karrah in the exotic goods booth. This vendor sells herbs, leather and a couple of Darkmoon exclusives, a ring and a necklace.

The herbs can be things like Dream Foil and Steel Bloom and the leather is everything from medium to rugged. Prices are okay and if you want to make a quick item with your trade skill, this might be the place to get the ingredients.

But, they are limited in quantity. This means when you show up, the vendor may have 3, or she may have none. You can hang out and keep clicking, eventually everything respawns.

She also has a ring and a necklace.

We looked for the ring and necklace all day long. The ring finally spawned in the evening and we snagged it. It took five gold that we really didn't need to spend, but for some reason we wanted this level 50 ring we can't even use yet. Worse even, it's a bind on equip, which means it will sit in the bank a loooong time. Oh well. It's the fair. Aren't you supposed to blow all your cash?

Darkmoon Ring - Looks nice, but five gold? Maybe not.


Forest Cat

Darkmoon Faire

Darkmoon Faire just opened outside of Goldshite. This is the first faire since I've been playing Warcraft, so I'm going to offer my impressions on this "in game extra."

Keilakat at the Entrance to Darkmoon Faire


Forest Cat

Vultros Slain

Vultros is a rare spawn that hangs out in the area around Sentinel Hill. He's only a level 26 and he's not elite, so there's nothing special about taking him down.

The reason people look for him is he tends to drop a rare dagger, the Talon of Vultros. This dagger has the following stats:

23 - 44 Damage
Speed 2.00 (16.8 damage per second)
+5 Agility and +2 Spirit

It's a level 21 dagger, so those are really good stats.

Analar and snowy with the dead Vultros.


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