Thursday, September 27, 2007

Soloing Deadmines

Getting to the point where you can solo Deadmines is a good thing. Even though the greens and blues you will collect are below your needs, they are probably good for your alt or even for disenchanting. I needed items to give to my enchanter, so instead of sharing with a group, I went alone.

As long as I paid attention and watched the pulls, soloing with my 36 Druid wasn't really that hard.

Boss number two:

Stopping to take a picture before moving on to the goblins:

This is what happens when you take pictures and ignore the patrols. They sneak up behind you. No worry, they really weren't much of a problem.

This place has annoying goblin engineers and their robots. Didn't save this guy though.


Forest Cat


Anonymous said...

I was 40 on my druid when I first attempted soloing DM, but it was my first char of which I still did not know enough!

Now, after trying a hunter for size, I'm a bit more darying: I solo many instance quests while the mobs/bosses are green or even yellow! :)

I've done it starting with Uldaman, then Zul'Farrak, and a few more. On a 2nd hunter, I've gone half-way through DM until I had a concussive shot miss and the running mob aggroed the boss before the room was cleared! I've also gone up to Sneed for a Paladin quest, again soloing and while at the proper level (earlier twenties)...

It's fun and doable with some well laid out keys, some macros, a reasonable knowledge of the instance and quick reflexes to handle those "oops" moments! You can't simply run away until they de-aggro as they won't until you leave the instance! :)

Sellia said...

I'm doing this with my hunter to make some cash. Really useful. =)

Forest Cat said...

I got whomped my first attempt to solo Zul'Farrak you've got my respect for that one.

I do love soloing these things. Even if the gear is worthless, it's fun to look around and see what you never saw during the chaos you experience in a group at the "correct" level.