Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Darkmoon Faire Exotic Goods

One of the promises of Darkmoon Faire is that you can acquire items you can't normally find by taking down mobs and doing quests.

Is this true?

Not entirely.

Here is my mage Karrah in the exotic goods booth. This vendor sells herbs, leather and a couple of Darkmoon exclusives, a ring and a necklace.

The herbs can be things like Dream Foil and Steel Bloom and the leather is everything from medium to rugged. Prices are okay and if you want to make a quick item with your trade skill, this might be the place to get the ingredients.

But, they are limited in quantity. This means when you show up, the vendor may have 3, or she may have none. You can hang out and keep clicking, eventually everything respawns.

She also has a ring and a necklace.

We looked for the ring and necklace all day long. The ring finally spawned in the evening and we snagged it. It took five gold that we really didn't need to spend, but for some reason we wanted this level 50 ring we can't even use yet. Worse even, it's a bind on equip, which means it will sit in the bank a loooong time. Oh well. It's the fair. Aren't you supposed to blow all your cash?

Darkmoon Ring - Looks nice, but five gold? Maybe not.


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