Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stop the Madness

Apparently the Norwegian nut that killed all those people also played WoW.

I completely missed that story until my mom called me today to ask if I knew him.



She didn't mean I was crazy or psycho, but she has no concept of the size of this game. She has no concept of different servers or realms, and even if I was on the same server as this idiot, the chance of any interaction was incredibly slim.

I had to convince her that people that play World of Warcraft aren't nuts, but sadly there are some nuts that play WoW.

Still, that fact that she asked was annoying. It's media driven. The media of course jump all over the WoW connection and try to tie it to the problems this idiot has.

After my mom called I vented on Twitter and then went to the WoW forums.

I thought these two posts were priceless, and dead on. You might need to click 'em to read 'em.

Note to those that are my WoW Friends. Here's a big {{HUG}} for you.


Keila (The very sane and only slightly crazy Forest Cat)

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