Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Battered Hilt and Immature Players

The Battered Hilt quest line is another of those epic quest lines you need to do. Even when the item is no longer useful I highly recommend doing the quest if you get the hilt to drop.

Of course you will run into players who just don't get it.

When it came time to go into Halls of Reflection for the last part of the quest line, I saw just how immature some players in WoW can be. After entering the instance I announced I needed to fight the sword. Three of the party congratulated me, but one of them, the tank, pitched a fit.

He cried out "You suck," and "You don't deserve it!" He then went into the corner, sat down and sulked while the four of us battled the sword.

Needless to say the immaturity didn't sit well and the group booted him pretty quick.

My experience in WoW has been almost entirely positive, but there are players of all ages and maturity levels, so I guess you can expect this at times.


Keila the Forest Cat

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