Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Even though I haven't been posting, I have been playing. Since my last note I reached eighty, got a bunch of pretty purple stuff, and Kirsa was dumped from the Epic Dolls. Not because I did anything wrong, it's just I got so wrapped up in Keila that Kirsa was ignored. I guess the Dolls looked at the last time I logged on and and decided I was done.

Kimmy got ignored too and while I was away Hunter Haley decided to delete her guild and Kimmy also became orphaned.

I may move Kirsa and Kimmy to Bladefist, that two server thing never worked anyway. I'll miss Haley but she went somewhat undercover anyway, so I didn't see her around that much. Amber also moved on taking her Pernolde main and leaving some alts behind, so Perenolde lost a bit of charm anyway.

Special thanks to Star and Sal who don't care that I spend most of my time wandering aimlessly around the world lost in my own thoughts :)


Forest Cat

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Nola Stowe said...

amber is sorta homeless herself! i moved to a server to play with a friend and then he quit playing!