Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wailing Quests

This has to be one of the biggest pains in the game. Getting to the cave above Wailing Caverns to get the quest for the Deviate Scale Belt.


Forest Cat

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Epic Dolls Scavenger Hunt

The first [epic] dolls scavenger hunt was a blast! Velanna sent us all over the world gathering obscure items within the two hour time frame. I went to Stranglethorn Vale thinking more like my 62 Druid rather than my 30 hunter. I managed to get most of the items I was looking for but I died a lot! A level 30 can get pwned by two lvl 36 crocolisks rather easily!
Key to the pictures:

Top row: Velanna, Illidarian
Middle Row: Meowist, Kirsa
Bottom Row: Beau, Jala'sea, Avshar

Sorry if I missed your picture. Either I didn't see you or you wouldn't be still :)


Forest Cat

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ragefire Fashion

I first went into Ragefire Chasm with Kirsa as a level 11 hunter. We cleared 2/3 of the instance before my PUG bailed. I went back a couple of levels later with pretty much the same result. I never tried again, until last night.

Now at level 28, Kirsa said the heck with PUGS and walked it solo. Of course everything is way below her now, but I was determined to finish the entire instance. Kirsa and Rufus had no problem with the mobs but I had one Duh moment. While Rufus was chewing on a Warlock, Kirsa stepped backward and into the lava. Oops. That's a quick death. She was back a few minutes later to finish up.

Ragefire Chasm isn't particularly interesting and the bosses are boring to say the least, but there is one advantage to soloing an instance. You get to walk around and look at things you never see during the chaos that ensues when you are at the appropriate level.

I picked up a ton of greens that went straight to the AH and one blue robe which I kept. The robe is of no use, but I like the look. I'll keep it in a closet as a formal dress for the next Epic Dolls social.

Speaking of closets, Blizzard needs to add a wardrobe closet for old armor that is no longer functional, but you would like to keep around for the look. There has to be a better solution than using up bank space.


Forest Cat

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hot Lunch

Some people you see over and over again. Bank alts are pretty high on that list.

This is Hot Lunch. I see her in Silvermoon whenever I visit the bank and auction house. She needs clothes. I might send her some ;)


Forest Cat