Tuesday, November 4, 2008


While riding around and opening the map for my Explorer achievement I ran into some dragons I had never seen. Since dragons are my favorite part of the game, this was pretty surprising. I first noticed a pair of dragonkin, and in typical Keila fashion decided to test them out.

Bad idea.

Those two dragonkin were THREE dragonkin, and they were stronger than I thought. That was my first death since the new patch. So much for my new superhuman boomkin powers. LOL.

When I returned I stealthed past the dragonkin and went to see what the real dragon were up to.

That's where I saw these.
When I looked them up I found out people used to kite them to Orgrimmar to terrorize the horde, but Blizzard has since leashed them. Too bad, nothing like a raid dragon turned loose in a city to liven things up :)

Maybe Blizz will cut the chain and let these beasts free again.

One can only hope.


Forest Cat

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