Thursday, June 26, 2008

Midsummer Fire Festival Bonfires

I've been doing the Fire Festival quests, primarily the one where you honor the fires of your faction, and desecrate the fires of the opposite faction. This is a great way to gain XP. I've gone from just barely 38 almost to forty just doing this quest line.

I had no problem at all until Goldshire. From the Horde perspective this is probably the worst alliance town to visit. For some unknown reason (there's nothing there) alliance players tend to congregate in Goldshire.

When I arrived there were about three level 70's and a host of other allies. So I did what any smart player would. I went to the fire, sat down, and went AFK.
During this time I worked on a school project and peeked in occasionally. After an hour the same group of players were still there running around waiting for me to complete the quest.

I would wave a couple of times and then go back to my school work. They never left. Sorry to say to those folks waiting on me, but if this is your idea of fun in WoW you might want to find a new game.

I eventually completed the quest, got killed, rezzed at the spirit healer, and moved onto the next fire.

I'm sure they are still there. Tell 'em I said hi. I won't be back.


Forest Cat

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