Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pearl Diving

A few days ago while I was in the process of pearl hunting, and testing out my aquatic form, I started swimming farther and farther. The pearl hunt had been a bust, so I just decided to explore the ocean.

Anyway, without paying attention I swam past the Zoram Strand and kept going. Eventually you get to the point where to your left is nothing but impassable mountains. Occasionally you can go ashore into a small valley, but there are never any mobs, you are completely alone. This is a weakness of World of Warcraft in my opinion. Because these areas are time consuming to find, putting some kind of mobs in these valleys would add interest to the game. Some of them probably would have even been close to my current level.

Eventually I reached Sar'theris Strand which was out of my league. Before I knew it I was attacked by unseen creatures of the deep. They of course killed me off a couple of times before I made my escape. I'll try the giant clam hunt again sometime, but for now success at finding pearls using that method has eluded me.

There are big monsters under that water

That water is pretty muddy. Where's the crystal blue ocean?


Forest Cat

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